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We give SheRACES accreditation to those events that actively commit to levelling the start line for women

Why should I sign my event up? 

By following our guidelines and making simple changes to welcome women, you can increase the number of women on the start line, as well as improve the race day experience for all athletes. 


Races that follow our 9 key commitments can:

  • Use our logo on your website to attract female participants. More and more women are looking to sign up to events that are SheRACES accredited

  • Be featured in our Hall of Fame on our website and welcomed on social media

  • Signal to potential sponsors about the social responsibility of your race


What does it cost? 

We don't want cost to be a barrier to women finding great events, so we don't charge a fixed fee for accreditation and being added to our Hall of Fame. However, we do ask for a donation to help cover costs and our ongoing work to increase female participation in racing.


88% of women would be
more likely to choose a race that
actively supports women

How do I sign my event up?

We understand that every race is different, and some of our recommendations in our Race Guidelines may not apply to all. What we're looking for is an active commitment to look at your event through a female lens and take feedback from participants.


We want to know you're encouraging women to the start line, taking account of the female experience before, during and after the race, and valuing the female competition equally.


​Using our research, we have developed 9 key commitments that can apply to all events. If your race meets these, we would love to have you join our Hall of Fame.

Race Checklist.png

Before you fill in the event agreement below, please ensure that you have read our Race Guidelines and understand the key commitments.

If you're able to, please use the online sign-up form below to submit your application. You can also download a copy of the event contract if you prefer; sign this and return it via email to


We will review your application and, if appropriate, add you to our Hall of Fame.

In order to sign up your event, as a minimum we expect:

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