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Every event is different. From 5km fancy dress road races, to ultra distance off road triathlons. What is the same is that women belong on their start lines. Actively encouraged to be there, with a positive experience when we race and having our competition held in equal regard.

We’ve put together a set of guidelines for race directors to help support female athletes.


Our suggestions aren’t relevant for all races - city road races don’t need safety trackers for example. But most apply for all races, such as diversity in marketing images and equal race coverage.  

The inclusive events we speak with have high repeat rates, and high recommendation rates showing encouraging female athletes is good for events too.


We encourage you to ask past female participants what they think can be improved - and please share any great ideas with us to support other events! 


If you believe your event is actively welcoming of female athletes please read the guidelines, download the Event Contract, read it and sign it. Then return it, by email, to, with the subject: Race Contract, along with your event's logo. We’ll then review and, if appropriate, add you to our supporters hall of fame. 

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