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We're challenging brands and sponsors to ensure the races they work with are inclusive to women, and to help remove the barriers women face towards participation

Our #EnableInclusion campaign 

We are tired of seeing inspirational campaigns for International Women’s Day.


They make us dream… but the barriers that prevent us being on start lines are still there.


We want brands, sponsors and races to remove the barriers completely or at least offer us a leg up over them by implementing our race guidelines and sponsoring events that promote equality, to equal the experience and level the start line.


Get all women to the start line and #EnableInclusion

Our campaign video

What barriers do women face? 

We are raising awareness of the barriers that prevent women from entering and participating in races. Some of these are societal, but there are also barriers that are preventable. We call on race organisers to ensure their events are inclusive to women – our Race Guidelines give a framework for a female-friendly race. We are asking brands and sponsors to commit to sponsoring only races that are inclusive to women, and to ask questions of the races they partner with to ensure an equal experience. 

Resource: Brands and Sponsors

We have created an essential list of questions to ask of races before sponsoring them to ensure that they have considered the female experience and offer an equal experience. 


Support our work and campaigns. Help us to break down barriers and equal the experience for all women. Together we can make a difference.

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