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World record attempt raising money for SheRACES

Founder of SheRACES and ultrarunner Sophie Power is taking on a huge challenge this month, raising both funds and awareness for SheRACES and the work that we do.  LIVE TRACKING HERE

The biggest challenge of her life, Sophie is aiming to become the fastest woman to run across Ireland. The current record is 3 days, 15 hours, 36 minutes, set in 2012 by the amazing Mimi Anderson. To beat it, Sophie will have to run over 100 miles every day, starting in the very north in Malin Head and finishing at Mizen Head in the south.

This event will be raising funds to break down barriers for women in sport and get more women on start lines, achieving their goals and empowering them in the rest of their lives. We have big plans for SheRACES this year, including drafting race guidelines for triathlons, speaking to more major race organisers to implement policies for female athletes, and gathering insight on underrepresented groups in race participation to understand what still needs to be done. We can’t do that without adequate funding. 

We hope that this challenge brings the work that we do at SheRACES to the forefront, creating conversation around women’s participation in sport and races. Find out everything you need to know about the world record attempt here and via on Sophie’s Instagram channel. 

Fundraising for SheRACES 

SheRACES relies on donations to keep doing what we do; the more we raise, the bigger the impact we can make. If you’re taking on a challenge this year, we’d love it if you would consider fundraising for SheRACES. This could be an organised event, or you can set your own personal challenge to push your comfort zone. We’re here to support you in whatever endeavour you set yourself. 

If you’d like to fundraise for us, follow these steps: 

1 – Set your challenge and let us know about it

Any challenge is welcome and we’d love it if you could let us know what you’re planning on doing via Instagram or email so that we can shout about it on social media. We’re working on some little supporter gifts for those who choose to fundraise for us too – watch this space! 

2 – Create a SportsGiving fundraising page 

We are set up to receive funds directly via SportsGiving as a non-profit organisation. 

  • Go to the homepage and click Start Fundraising 

  • Choose Create a Fundraising Page 

  • Add the name of your challenge and your own name; you can also select specific events if you’re entering an organised race

  • From the drop-down list under ‘Which charity or non-profit are you fundraising for?’ you can search for and select SheRACES. You can also set a fundraising target 

  • You can then go on to customise the layout and design of your page, add some copy about why you’re taking on the challenge and why you’re raising funds for SheRACES

  • Preview your page and Publish, then start sharing! 

  • Don’t forget to send your fundraising page link to us so that we can share it too

3 – Do your challenge! 

The final step is down to you. By taking on your own challenge and opting to raise funds for SheRACES you are contributing to real change, enabling more women to get to the start lines and take on epic challenges.

If you have any questions at all, do get in touch. Or you can help us raise funds for SheRACES’ work by making a donation of any size (we appreciate every penny) to Sophie’s world record attempt via SportsGiving here. Thank you!

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