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A woman's place
is on the start line

An equal opportunity to race

The right experience when we do

Respect for our competition

SheRACES in the media

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There’s something special about racing

It brings us together, helps us push our boundaries and gives us a sense of achievement. But despite women being as likely to be athletes, we are under-represented in races, especially over longer distances.

Why? There are many barriers in our way. Some are societal. But many are down to the events themselves. From off-putting marketing language and imagery, to lack of deferral policies when we have children. It’s harder for us to get to that start line.


When we do line up, we are too often not treated equitably - our t-shirts don’t fit, we don’t have decent changing (and peeing) facilities and our races have unequal prize money or coverage.

"Despite women outright winning trail and ultra races, the majority of participants remain men. There is still a massive gender disparity in the ultra running world. In 2018, only 16 percent of race participants were female."

– Runner's World

Two happy female runners at the SVP100.

SheRACES exists
to level the start line

Helping event organisers understand how to make their events more inclusive - and campaigning so this becomes the norm.  

Helping brands understand how events they sponsor can support female runners and committing to only sponsoring events that meet our minimum guidelines. 

Helping athletes of all levels and abilities choose races that give us equal opportunities to race and a fair experience when we do. 


How you can help

How to help

“We are super impressed with the SheRACES movement. By encouraging race directors, runners and brands to consciously asses how our policies impact women runners, they have broken new ground. There is opportunity in change, and these changes will created a massive positive impact in the running world.”

– Nick Kershaw, Race Director Impact Marathon Series

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